Thursday, February 11, 2010

Etsy Stories: Cupid's Work

Our heroine has been doing Cupids work in secret to surprise the one she loves this weekend. Care to follow along?

First things first. She dug out her Vintage Cookbook Collection and began menu planning. Perhaps a nice juicy steak covered with pistachio pesto, a side of oven roasted garlic rosemary potatoes, an arugula salad, lots of crusty bread and a few nice bottles of icy champagne...

Followed by a beautiful fruit tart served on her favorite Take out China topped with a generous scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.

She puts their Moss Covered Initials on the bedroom door. So romantic!

She spreads the table with white linen and sets a table for two with her best china. She twists these Paper Roses into tiny napkin rings and fills the silver ice bucket.

Then she sits down to write him a letter on her best stationery and affixes a series pretty vintage stamps. It's almost like curating a miniature art wall on the envelope.

Oh my! Just look at the time! She'd better get dressed!

She slips into this stunning Green dress- pink and red are such a Valentine's Day cliche!
Alright, but who can resist just a splash of pink and red when it's done up in rhinestones and curly ques as in this statement brooch?

He loves her, so he knows what she loves- this Bunny is her Valentine's day card. All signs point to an excellent weekend.


Cassie said...

Love it! Thank you for including the green dress!

jannay said...

Fantastic! I'm absolutely in love with the take out china. Thanks so much for including the cookbooks!

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