Monday, February 22, 2010

Movie Review: Billy the Kid

I admire most anyone who is comfortable in their own skin, and Billy the Kid is certainly is good at being himself. He's also incredibly socially awkward. It's immediately apparent that he doesn't fit in well with his peers. (A point hammered home in the inevitable lunching alone cafeteria scenes de riguer in any movie about pained adolescence.)

His unabashed love of pop culture- from his Steven Segal inspired ponytail to breaking into "Memories" from the Andrew Lloyd Weber extravaganza known as Cats to impress a girl- doesn't necessarily help matters.

But toss in his tender relationship with his mother and some oblique references to an abusive father figure and a learning disability, and you find yourself rooting for the little dude. Not necessarily a brilliantly crafted documentary, but an interesting character study of a fellow who beats to his own drum and kinda digs the sound it makes too

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