Saturday, December 19, 2009

Merry and Bright

My Christmas inspiration this year has been largely theoretical since it's very warm and green here in Hawaii and a silk aloha shirt and leather flip flops are about as dressed up as anyone gets. Ever.

But of course, Miss B loves her some glam and that's exactly what these goodies are all about. Lots of texture, color, sophistication and a little bit of sparkle and shine to keep things all Merry and Bright. Here are some of my favorite picks:

Let's begin with these vintage looking oil portraits of all things decadent and girlie. (She also paints shoes, flowers and cakes. Need I say more?)

A little ruff of black tulle at the neck is an unexpected touch. (It reminds me of one of my favorite Diana Vreeland "Why Nots". As in, "Why not tie matching black tulle bows on your wrists?" Why not indeed!)
And while we're at it, Why Not Wear Festive Knickers? That red bow is a perfect touch of holiday cheer.

If this isn't the perfect holiday party dress, I don't know what is. The pleating on the bodice reminds me of a bunch of mistletoe!

I bought a batch of these adorable acorn topped jingle bells and they are just as pretty in person! I'm putting a little tangle of them on the door knobs in our house so every door has a merry song to sing.
These shoes...
plus these stockings...
and this showstopper of a dress practically guarantee a dreamy and enchanted winter evening!

Ward off the winter chill with this whimsical scarf when stepping out this holiday season. (I can never resist winter pom poms, can you? I just bought a pom pom maker and am having WAY too much fun tying the finished product on all my Christmas presents.)

This arrangement would set a sophisticated tone for a holiday soiree. I love the juxtaposition of colors and textures. Modern, sleek and effortlessly chic.

And why not throw on a giant sparkly cocktail ring while you're at it? Plus, it's just the right size for the toe of a stocking!

What are you wearing to Holiday Parties this season? I've been wearing my black lace stockings and black satin peep toe pumps at every opportunity.


Tiana said...

Awesome post, Becky! Thank you very much for including my work! I'm in love with comfort garden!

AB's Rambles said...

great picks, becky! i love the vintage like oil paintings. i'll have to check out the link. the dresses are gorgeous:)

Kristin said...

Great Post!
Thanks for including the acorn bells! Good luck with the pom pom maker!

Happy Holidays

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