Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Brunch on the Beach

Our dear friends Moni & Josh have been patiently waiting for us to settle down before sending us a wedding gift, but we've just gotten to year three and a permanent home isn't looking any more likely. Their solution was a little something we can carry with us anywhere we go- A charming forest green picnic basket complete with pretty cloth napkins, beaded napkin rings, wine glasses, a platypus for vino on the go and silverware.

We took the picnic goodies on their maiden voyage at the beach a few weekends back.

We feasted on these very fancy egg sandwhiches and fruit salad. Fresh from the oven rosemary biscuits, scrambled cheesy eggs with lots of pepper, chopped parsley, canadian bacon and a few perky tomatoes. (All neatly held in place with a seashell toothpick, of course.) What is your favorite breakfast leisurely weekend breakfast?

Many thanks to our dear friends for such a thoughtful gift. I'm raising my mimosa to many more picnics in exotic locales. Merci beau coup!


chelsea said...

looks so yummy + so fun!

Jill said...

I want to go back to Hawaii!

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