Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Place for Everything & Everything in it's Place

After a week of pondering, I've found the perfect spot to display my collection of vintage Chinese paper parasols. Our landlord had her collection of Longaberger baskets stored there, but I prefer the geometric drama of these bamboo and waxed paper sculptures. I especially like how they filter the sunshine from the skylight. This house is slowly but surely becoming a wonderful home.

P.S) Have I told you that my brother is coming to stay with us for a while? His Peace Corps mission had to be aborted because of a coup, so while he re-applies for a new assignment, he will have a few months of downtime to spend with us here in Hawaii! We are so excited to have him. You can read about his travels in his own words here.

1 comment:

mintagehome said...

I think this is great Becky. Back in the day, when I did design full time, I'd dream up ideas like this. Nothing seemed to just happen, I'd have to ponder them for a while. Your place is coming a long beautifully!

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