Friday, June 19, 2009

Plaid: For Boys and Girls, Preppy and Grungy

I've always loved Madras plaid for summer, and this fellow has done his version in such a lighthearted, preppy way- don't you adore the turned up cuffs with his jean jacket for a splash of color and print? (And doesn't he look eerily like Thomas Hayden Church from Sideways? Could they be brothers?)

I'd also been in doubt about checked flannel making a comeback. (Grunge had so little to recommend it in my opinion- why was everyone so hell-bent on looking dirty in the 90's?) But this gal has made it look quite pretty. I think her boots really complement the look without making it so heavy or referring too closely to the originals. And of course its a lovely shot- don't you love the point of light streaming out above her hip? That Sartorialist knows what he's doing.

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