Sunday, June 21, 2009

Last Minute Father's Day Gift

This gift idea is only last minute because I forgot to post it earlier! Mum and I used these recipes from the latest issue of Gourmet Magazine (I'm a new subscriber, but have quickly fallen madly in love!) to make some wonderfully fragrant meat rubs with the contents of the spice cupboard, a frying pan and my handy coffee grinder.

It was a snap to do and I loved how the house filled with the smell of toasting fennel, cumin and coriander. (It made me miss Eric something fierce though. He's the real spice lover in our little family and it was his collection we were using up!)

We tripled the recipes for the many Dads in our life and packaged them in clear baggies...

And completed the gift by simply folding vintage postcards over the top, stapleing them closed and neatly labeling them. We gave each fellow a pretty assortment. Isn't it lovely how each one turned out a different shade?

We did save one batch for ourselves and used it to make a batch of ribs. They were just perfect! How are you spending Father's day this year?

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