Tuesday, June 16, 2009

An Edwardian Scene for your Reading Delight.

Lucinda: "Darlings, have you heard?"

Isabelle: "No, my pet, what is it?"

Felicity: "Ooh! Do let's guess!"

Isabelle: "Hmm. You've discovered a new undergarment to festoon with ruffles?"

Lucinda: (flatly) "No."

Felicity: "A more preposterous kind of bow to pin upon your hat?"

Lucinda: (exhales loudly) "No."

Isabelle: "A way to glare at someone disapprovingly without the aid of a monocle?"

Lucinda: "No, no and No! It's this month's extraordinarily talented Etsy Blogger! Lazy T Crochet! Hurry both of you and lets go at once and visit her blog and lovely shop! Now scoot!"

1 comment:

LazyTcrochet said...

Thanks for the feature!

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