Monday, May 25, 2009

DIY Bath Salts

It's incredibly simple to make fancy scented bath salts at home. You just need some lavender, Epsom salts and a few muslin bags (to keep those pesky lavender seeds from clogging up the drain! When submerged in hot bath water, the salts will dissolve but the lavender will stay put with no messy clean up.)

First, mix together the salts and lavender to your liking. (I made a mix of 2 parts salt to 1 part lavender.)

Then pack the salts into the bags or a shapely bottle. Add a pretty tag and a little flower and give them as gifts or use them yourself.


Momma D said...

I love the one you to me!!

Marta said...

Oh Becky what a great gift idea!!!! I'm all about the hand-made presents and this would just be so delicate! I love the lavender fragrance here, my mom would adore them. What other scents would you experiment with? cinnamon? cloves? chamomile?

The Fab Miss B said...

I think all of the above would be lovely! Cloves and chamomile sound heavenly! Why not give it a go and report back?

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