Monday, April 13, 2009

Springtime Tunes!

Oh Dear. All of March slipped away without a Giveaway. So this month there will be many winners! I've made several copies of a cheerful mix to welcome Spring. If you'd like a copy, please leave a comment describing a favorite Spring something. I'll choose eight winners at random and mail them this week! (Here's the pretty cover and play list, just for fun!)

1) Springtime Jingle- Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour
2) Snow is Gone- Josh Ritter
3) A little Bird Told Me- Evelyn Knight
4) Bruises- Chairlift
5) Gathering Flowers from a Hillside- Earl Scruggs and Lester Flatt
6) The Birds and The Bees- Jewel Akens
7) April in Portugal- Les Baxter
8) Be Gentle with Me- The Boy Least Likely To
9) I Can See Clearly Now- Johnny Nash
10) Spring Cleaning- Fats Waller
11) Swingtime in Springtime- Django Reinhardt
12) La Vie en Rose- Edith Piaf
13) Springtime- The Annuals
14) On the Street Where You Live- Dean Martin
15) You Can Never Hold Back Spring- Tom Waits
16) Zip a Dee Doo Dah- Jasper and Veronica


lizzie k said...

wow! i'm the first! that never happens... one of my current favorite spring time things is when i'm staying in bed a bit long(er than i should) i like to listen to the different bird songs and chirps in my back yard. it's nice that they've all meandered back to the "frozen north" now that it's not so frozen. yay for spring!

abby said...

hey, hey! i'm in. spring . . . green, green, and more green, pretty please. and cracking the windows on warmer days.

Rosemoo said...

My favorite spring something is always seeing the Robins come back in full force, taking over the joint and pulling worms out of the ground by stamping.

Hook me up with a fabulous mix cd! I'll listen to it! Promise!

Banana said...

Oooh I love music and I love spring. Count me in!

Panoptica said...

My fave thing about spring is having picnics... I haven't had one yet this year... but I'm gonna!!!

Jen said...

I love the first few days, when there's a warmth in the air. Especially when you dig out all the skirts and summer shoes packed away and you head out for a walk feeling flirty.

jacob said...

My fave spring thing(s): the first day warm enough to open all the doors and windows, asparagus, lilacs, sunshine strong enough to warm my face, no socks!

Maria said...

OH! My favorite things about spring are the crisp air, sunshine and light breezes....the flowers and birds...the blue sky and sunny days!!!

Rosemoo said...

Yay for the cd! Thanks so much!



Anonymous said...

I lived in AZ for the past 10 years and had really forgotten how wonderful spring is...until we moved to Iowa. I never thought that my son would have to stay home from school because it was -46degress outside. However, drumroll please..... today it was a wonderful 69 degrees outside. Spring has sprung!!!!

iistra said...

My favorite part of spring is the dafodills. Their yellow heads peak out of the earth when everything else is sleeping. They are the bravest of flowers, a beacon of better weather when I am still afraid of the cold.

The Fab Miss B said...

Thanks so much for all your comments! If you've sent me your address I've sent CDs to each of you. Happy Spring!



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