Sunday, April 12, 2009

I'll be Doggone

Brutus is a very pampered pooch. He enjoys all the finer things in life.

He wears a beautiful customized copper tag around his neck.

He rests his icy beverages upon elegant letterpress coasters.

He only eats homemade organic doggy biscuits. (Why settle for anything less?)

He has an extensive collection of silver cups and blue ribbons and throngs of adoring fans among the neighborhood children.

A portrait of his hero hangs in his bedroom.

This leather leash is the only sort that will do for a dog of such discerning taste.

This vintage pin was a gift from Brutus to his girlfriend Fifi. It reminded him of her, though he can't say quite why. (She loved it, if you're wondering...)

Brutus's glossy coat is shampooed with the finest handmade soap once a week. (He doesn't realize it of course, but he's rather a stinky fellow.)

At night, he dozes off in an exquisite Louis the XVI worthy bed and dreams of giant bones and chasing cats. (See the treasury live on Etsy here, and the archives here.)


Nancy said...

I enjoyed reading you blog about Brutus. Thanks for using one of my images.
I really like the Dog Shampoo Label.

The Artist said...

What a cute blog!!!

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