Friday, April 24, 2009

The Getty Villa

If I remember correctly, we visited the Getty Villa when I was a child. I remember two things. I somehow managed to forget my shoes and my father had to carry me through the place on his shoulders. Secondly, I remember thinking it was supremely strange that someone would build a palace like this and never live in it. (It struck me as a terrible waste!)

Coming back as an adult I can see that Mr. Getty was building a monument to himself, his taste and his wealth, not unlike the ancient Romans he was imitating. Here are a few of the sights.

Don't the white inlaid eyes make for a startling contrast?

I think I'd like to try to make something similar with paper. I can't imagine a better birthday crown than a wreath of gold laurels inspired by the ancient Olympics!

In this room, dedicated to the women of ancient Rome, and filled with marble busts, a guard asked me which was my favorite. I pointed out a nice plump lady and told him I liked her because she looked like a real person- not stylized like the others. When I asked which he loved best, he pointed to this lady. "The marble has a translucence and she just glows, like a tulip."

This looks to me like the perfect spot to exchange wedding vows.

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Marta said...

That garden does look very romantic, like you'd want to ahve absolutely memorable experiences there. This looks like a fantastic museum, you're so lucky to have access to things like these. I live in a culture dessert, there sin't even a museum for adults in this city!!! *sniff sniff*

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