Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fresh Mother's Day Ideas

Did you know that the woman who invented Mother's Day eventually grew to detest the commercialization of the holiday she invented? She was also penniless at the end of her days, but never knew it, because the American Floral Society paid her bills as a sort of tribute.

So instead of flowers this year, I'm brainstorming alternate ideas. Here's what I think my own wonderful Mother might like.

This adorable print would be perfect on the white brick wall in her bedroom above her glorious stacks of books.

This set of cheerful reusable tote bags that fold flat might come in handy. (She can keep a few in the trunk for her tango shoes and one in her handbag!I love how they look all together- groceries and miscellaneous who knows what never looked so cute in plain old plastic grocery bags!)

Fragrance from Jo Malone in Fig and Cassis? (Never floral perfumes for my mum! She quite prefers men's cologne.)
I think she needs this bicycle basketfor her adorable vintage Schwinn. (And a bell too! Ding Ding!)

I'd love to send macarons from Paulette and a nice big bottle of bubbly. (Sicillian Pistachio, New Orleans Praline and Passion Fruit all sound heavenly to me!)

Instead of flowers that will wilt in a few days, perhaps something that will come back year after year, like this Peony in an unexpected shade of green.

What are you planning for your Mom this year?


melinda said...

i made the found object art for mother's day. they turned out cute.
thanks for the inspo.

Anonymous said...

I love peonies, especially big pink ones!

tangata said...

OH! I love the green peony! too magnificent and my favorite color!

Panoptica said...

The bicycle basket is amazing!!!

I don't think I'll be giving mom anything big... Those kind of holidays aren't big in our family. We just spend the day together...ree

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