Thursday, February 26, 2009

You must go see Coraline!

Enter the Coraline website and you'll be welcomed into a world where "Everything was made by hand." That is no exaggeration. This wonderful tale is full of intricate scale models, stop motion photography, an elaborate dance routine performed by tiny marching band costumed mice and a magical garden populated with glowing bleeding heart lanterns, nipping snap dragons and a hedge clipping machine in the shape of a praying Mantis. There is also one wise and mangy black cat- (After little Elvis, I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for those!)

Coraline is a little girl who has just moved into a strange and lonely house with her incredibly stressed out and less than attentive parents. When the quirky neighbor boy gives her a doll that looks exactly like her, she discovers an alternate universe where the food tastes better, the colors are brighter, the nieghbors are more interesting and the garden is enchanted. There are also "better" versions of her parents- with buttons for eyes- intent on having her stay with them forever. That's when thing really begin to get interesting.

Although this movie is technically a childrens' film, it definitely wouldn't be suitable for young kids...there are some unsettling themes. But older kids and adults will enjoy the plot, music and the incredible creativity and ingenuity on display in creating an entire world for the camera by hand. If you've seen it (or if you go) make sure to tell me how you liked it! It's one of the best I've seen all year.

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inDdecor said...

I too was totally enchanted by this movie! I never pay to see a movie twice in the theater,but I may have to sneak off to see this again while the kids are at school.

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