Monday, February 16, 2009

Twenty Questions with Iris of Paulette Editions!

Today's interview is an exciting one for me- I've been admiring Iris's work and shop for a very long time now and every time I visit her shop I find myself adding all her new work to my favorites. So it's a real pleasure to go behind the scenes and learn more about her creative process, and the inspiration she finds in flea markets and the cobbled streets of Zurich. As always, click on the photos to go right to the listing!

Miss B: First off, tell us a little about you!

Iris: My studio, where I’m working as an illustrator and graphic designer, is situated in the old city of Zurich and I’m living with my husband in an old house a bit outside of Zurich, near the lake and a few steps from nature... I’m so lucky to have this privilege. Currently I’m working a lot and if I’m not in my studio it goes on in my head… the days just don’t have enough hours for me…

Miss B: I’ve been lucky enough to visit Zurich, but of course a tourist has a
totally different experience than a resident. What is your favorite thing
to do in your city?

Iris:I really would like to see Zurich once through the eyes of somebody who has
never visited this place before. I guess I would like it… Zurich is so small and clear. I love to walk and walk through “my” city – there is probably no corner or street I don’t know – but still I do discover new places. And of course I love: seeing friends (right now not often enough!), cinema (ditto!). And in the summertime (I hope it’s coming soon!) I love going to the fresh market very early in the morning – cooking is a favorite thing to do!

Miss B:When did you begin making art?

Iris:Yes me too, I’m one of those who started very early... I guess if I had a pencil in my mother's belly I would have been drawing there... who knows if it’s the genes or just the support of my family – my grandfather was a gifted painter, I still can remember the smell of his studio, my mother made beautiful ceramics, unfortunately she stopped creating, maybe –hopefully – she’ll start again…

Miss B:In your profile, you describe a love for “the charisma of old things.” This is one reason that your work resonates with me personally. I hoped you could tell us more about why and how old things inspire you.

Iris:This is a question I’m asking my self sometimes. I think these old things inspire me by the story they tell just by being old and they have this perfect look just because they are not perfect (and new) anymore.

Miss B:
I’ve noticed you use a lot of antique imagery in your work. Where do you
find these vintage images? Do you have a special method of cataloging them?

Iris:If I could choose between shopping the famous Zurich “Bahnhofstrasse” or a flea market you can imagine where to find me... I’m a bit obsessed with collecting vintage books, images, objects… and to keep everything in an order is an ongoing fight with this obsession. But it’s getting better, I have a lot of drawers, boxes and maps, all chalked up!

Miss B:What is your artistic process like? Do you make sketches first, or do you
work primarily on the computer?

Iris:It always starts on paper, with a pencil, a brush or a pen – in my studio,
at home, while watching TV. The computer became a good friend, but still it’s boon and bane. This machine is wonderful and of course I’m using it for part of my work! But it takes away a lot of spontaneity and deletes imperfection – sometimes these are the ingredients for beauty.

Miss B:Do you keep a journal?

Iris:It’s more loose paper I’m binding to books.

Miss B:What inspired you to begin your shop, Paulette Editions?

Iris:I discovered Etsy by surfing the net, sudden and very unexpected. I was
hooked to it instantly! To see all these creativity was really amazing and inspiring. I can hardly find this kind of candidness and exchange here in Switzerland.

Miss B:Any tips for new sellers after more than a year on Etsy?

Iris: I’m still enthusiastic! I remember before I listed my first item I sat down and tried to build myself a concept. I really took enough time and started – more or less – well prepared. This helped me a lot. I think it’s good to have a certain line and then to develop it constantly. A personal, but professional service, interacting with other sellers and keep your shop fresh!

Miss B:What advice do you have for developing artists?

Iris:Follow your own ideas but still get inspired by anything surrounding you. And show your art! Selling online can be just recommended for this! It opens so many doors, you get in touch with new and interesting people and you’ll get feedback. Nevertheless, I think it’s a never ending process to find your own language in art… this is what's making it so fascinating.

Thank you so much Iris. I think I've fallen even more in love with your work now that I know a bit more about your philosophy and inspiration. Thanks so much for chatting with me!

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Lu. Lu. said...

I love this work! Thank you for sharing this interview with us.

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