Monday, February 09, 2009

Handbag Before and After with Dr. Shoe Worthington

My closet contains a very exclusive club. I've got two luxury handbags and one wristlet in my wardrobe. This club is exclusive because there are unlikely to be any new admissions in the forseeable future. Sadly, the current members, possibly depressed by the lack of new recruits, were looking a bit, well, downtrodden.

I hunted high and low for a leather repair shop I could trust to do a decent job for less than the cost of replacements. Apparently this is a very tall order. Desperation led me to a online discussion group on how to clean leather yourself when I saw someone raving about Dr. Shoe Worthington. I checked out his website and decided that his expertise was worth the effort of flying my club members first class all the way to Ohio. The total for all three pieces still beat the price I'd been quoted for just one bag revamp here in Las Vegas. Take a look:

Remember this bag?

This little wristlet was a gift from my dear mum.

Here they are professionally de-grubbed. Patchwork Coach bags are Dr. Shoe's specialty. He told me my $5 thrift store score was made of the same grade leather used by Louis Vuitton. It will only get better with age. (Good thing I rescued it from Goodwill!)

My beloved Betsy Johnson big girl bag (a gift from my wonderfully indulgent husband) was a shadow of her former self. I wasn't sure there was any hope for her.

Dr. Shoe cleaned and carefully re-dyed the entire bag. At first I felt it was a bit plastic looking, but now that I am re-examining the before pictures, I can see that he's completely revived my beautiful Betsy. He took the time to call and hold my hand through the whole process and went above and beyond to make my bags like new again. He said Betsy was one of his most difficult cases ever, (and he's never even had to carry her big butt around the grocery store!) Thank you Dr. Shoe!

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The House of Mouse said...

I love handbags... need more.... It is better to revamp an old one instead. Great post!

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