Friday, June 08, 2007

High Tea and a Diamond Buffalo in the Rough.

Eric and I went for high tea yesterday with the inestimable Jeffery "the tea guy" of the Ritz Carlton in Phoenix. It was a lovely two hours and Eric was a good sport about being drug on such a girlie outing. Jeffrey's "Springtime" tea blend with chrysanthemum blossoms was delicate and flavorful and there were lots of lovely things to nibble while listening to Cold Play on a baby grand piano. We had a great time and ate enough petite fours and scones with Devonshire cream to skip dinner.

The other excitement in my world was this:
I was dropping off some junk at the Goodwill and decided to pop in and have a dig around. I was passing by the piles of abandoned gift with purchase Clinique make-up bags and saw a corner of leather peaking out. A cursory examination revealed this made in Italy genuine leather stamp, (with the craftsman's name! charming!) so I went ahead and bought it for $7.99. Upon arriving home, I went straight for my computer and looked up Il Bisonte...turns out my lowly leather bag is still being made and retails for $558.00! Which makes it even fancier than my already quite fancy Betsy Johnson big girl bag. I was still reveling in my find when Eric
discovered that his computer fits inside perfectly. So I think this will be
Eric's new "European Carryall". Much chicer than his accordion style backpack, you must admit. I'm so excited about this find. It is in really great condition although the previous owner wrote their initials on it with a Sharpie (sort of sacrilegious if you ask me. Thats something you do in kindergarten.) No holes or loose threads or broken hardware. Moments like this are the reason I love thrift stores.

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