Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Revive a Straw Tote Bag with Miss B

When I found this little straw bag at the thrift store, I knew just what it needed:

A new lining- obviously. (Yellowed vinyl, yuck!) And I had the perfect fabric in my stash at home.

I carefully snipped the vinyl liner out and then used it as a template to cut my two pieces out.

I sewed them together (thanks for letting me borrow your Singer Momma D!)

A stitch straight across both corners created a flat surface for the bottom of the bag. I placed the lining inside the bag and carefully pinned the top hem and finished the edges with the sewing machine.

I sewed the finished lining inside the bag by hand and voila! A fancy new grocery tote.

And is it a coincidence that all these lovely things can fit inside so perfectly? I think not. There is nothing so satisfying as breathing new life into an old abandoned object. Have you finished any DIY projects lately?

1 comment:

Simply Sarah said...

This bag is more than worthy of housing such a fine bottle of Champagne! I do love Veuvre Cliequot!
Beautiful transformation! And fun to see a shot of you too (great jumper!)
Love you so!

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