Monday, January 26, 2009

Five Finds for Saint Valentine

Not sure about all of you, but I'm knee deep in Valentine's Day prep for my shop and it's on my brain. As usual, I'm feeling all frilly frenchie foo foo for February fourteenth. Now featuring five favorites- (phew!)

This new photo collectionof the beloved Marilyn Monroe would be a lovely way to add some golden girl sex appeal to my bookshelf.

I think lacy tights are probably the only article of clothing on earth that can make you feel incredibly sexy while simultaneously keeping you warm!

Not just any chocolates- Vosges Chocolates please. I love the crazy flavor combinations- like chocolates with curry, paprika and even bacon. Yum.

Some silly, frilly and frivolous slippers in which to prance around the bedroom. (And the bedroom only, thank you!)

Ms. Monroe famously woreNumber Five as bedtime attire. I'll be following (birthday) suit(s)!

Whats inspiring you for February Fourteenth?

1 comment: said...

What's inspiring me? wonderful bf (who doesn't like the hype that Valentine's Day brings but always manages to do something special for me anyways on that day), flowers, and wine. =D

I adore MM as well!

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