Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Twenty Questions with Caryn of Tiny Things are Cute!

Today I'm chatting with Caryn of Tiny Things are Cute. This marvelous emporium of all things Tiny and, well, Cute. And she has generously offered my readers a little bargain! Free shipping on all orders of $25 or more through January 5th. Just enter this code at checkout: TTACUSA. Trust me, you'll have no trouble filling up your virtual cart- her shop is overflowing with tiny cupcake toppers, doll sized treasures and mint condition vintage goodies. Click on any of the photos to go right to her shop.

Miss B: First off, tell us a little about you!

Caryn:I live in a fairly small town in Ohio just outside of Columbus. It's just my boyfriend and I {no little kiddies} with our 2 pit bull mutts and a big, lazy cat. I keep myself busy with craftin', thriftin' and playing my Nintendo DS when I'm not tending to the website.

Miss B: When did your obsession with small things begin?

Caryn:I think the obsession has always been there. I used to have a dollhouse as well as Barbie dolls and her fun accessories when I was kid. Maybe from that?

Miss B: What appeals to you about miniatures?

Caryn:I just love everyday things made smaller, especially if they are functioning in some way {ie., moveable parts}. I know they're pretty much useless, but there is some sort of whimsy about them I adore. The fact that somebody thought there would be a good use for them never ceases to amaze me!

Miss B: When did you launch Tiny Things Are Cute?

Caryn:TTAC was launched this past summer {the end of June 2008}.

Miss B: What inspired you to begin your business?

Caryn:I guess I wanted to provide a shop that had primarily crafty goods that I would use myself and random vintage dimestore oddities that make me smile. I get a kick out of wacky things!

Miss B: What do you wish you had known before you got started?

Caryn:hmmm. . . .I wish {and still wish} that I was more familiar with Photoshop so I could tweak my photos better. Lotsa picture taking goes on for website.

Miss B: What advice do you have to people starting their own creative small businesses?

Caryn:Choose something you're passionate about it and persist. Things seem to be easier and not as much like work when you're doing something you're into.

Miss B: It can be tough to get noticed on the vast world of the web. How do you cut through the static?

Caryn:I have been using Project Wonderful to advertise on craft/handmade-oriented websites, using a signature on my outgoing emails with my website, and hoping for word of mouth!

Miss B: Any suggestions on how to display collections of miniatures?

Caryn:My favorite way to display mini's is using a letterpress tray. I've found a few at the thrift store for only a few dollars and then at antique shops for about $12. They're perfect for hanging on a wall and there are so many little compartments that are usually in various sizes. I also have a glass terrarium that looks like a house that I rotate larger mini's in.

Miss B: What items in your shop would make the best stocking stuffer?

Caryn:Where do I begin? Everything!! The most popular items are the vintage miniature cameras, the little friction robots {which are almost sold out!}, the box of tiny treasures, the christmas pixies {super cute!}, and the tiny vintage gumball tea set for two.

Miss B:Thank you so much Caryn for telling us a little more about you and your wonderful web business. I've certainly enjoyed it!

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