Monday, November 03, 2008

Looking on the Bright Side (Institutions We Admire)

I so enjoyed reading the responses to this post on the excellent Freakonomics blog. The challenge is to name some institutions you admire. With the constant bombardment of negative news (the economy, consumer confidence and an election that has everyone incredibly tense) it was refreshing to remember the things we rely on, appreciate and enjoy.Among my favorites mentioned in the comments, with my own reasoning:

The Public Library-Free Books and information for everyone.
Costco-Takes care of their employees and offers great products and fair prices.
National Public Radio -Wonderful content available to everyone anytime. And of course, The Writer's Almanac.
YMCA-Helping communities stay healthy and offering services to the poor.
UPS-Just read "The World is Flat" for more on their innovative uses of technology and globalization. I use UPS constantly to create my own shipments and track them on their merry way. I've never had a problem with UPS that wasn't solved quickly and cheerfully.
Goodwill-Besides my love of vintage and thrifted things, they offer employment services, and assistance to the poor. I always feel good about purchasing things there.
Boy Scouts of America-Lots of the gents I graduated with were members of this fine program. I love it's history as well.
Amazon-I don't know about you, but before I buy just about anything, I check amazon first. Our Prime membership has paid for itself in shipping costs many many times over.
The Salvation Army-Besides all the immediate relief they provide in disaster zones, I love the bell ringers at Christmas time. It helps me remember why we give.
Wikipedia-A free information database updated by the masses every single moment that is more accurate than Brittainica? Yes please.

What institutions would you add to this list and why?

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