Friday, November 07, 2008

Becky's Budget Bike

There has been an endless parade of wonderful treats through our household. One recent purchase was this snazzy new bike. We got a fabulous deal at Wal-Mart. (I'm not usually a fan, but who can say no to a $100 bicycle?) I've been riding to the grocery store to get a little exercise and sunshine. The basket detaches so I can carry it right in to do my shopping with! Las Vegas is surprisingly bike friendly so far. How is the biking in your neck of the woods?


abby said...

nice! so far, so good here. the wind is picking up in the windy city though. there's an intersection i go through every morning on my way to work that likes to laugh at me and try to throw me off my bike this time of the year. it's happened twice over the past two years and each time i get up and laugh right back at it. "ha! that's all you got?!" :) it IS pretty funny. we'll see if this year makes for a third upheaval.

safe biking to you.

Kevin said...

MY best bike bargain was $40 off Craigslist, but I almost got murdered by the guy... literally. I showed up to look at the bike, expecting it to be in the garage, but he's like "'s in my basement" and then gestures to his kill zone.

I should have run, but $40 bike drove me to take a look. As I walked down the stairs, I made certain to have my eyes on him the whole way. And then he didn't kill me! But the brake fell apart, so he knocked $10 off!

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