Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Acorn Ornament How To

I'm giving lots of teensy gifts for Christmas this year (the better to mail them, my dear!) and when I saw these acorns by Martha at Vile Michael's, I knew they would make the perfect packages. It's really like two presents, since you can hang it on the tree after you get the pretty little nut inside. Here's how I made mine.

You'll need acrylic paint(I chose a metallic gold), acrylic gel medium(my favorite variety is gloss, though for this it doesn't matter) a nice medium sized paint brush and some glitter.Oh yes, and the acorns, though you could do this with any old favor or jewelery box you've got stashed away. Glitter makes anything festive, don't you think?

First, apply the metalic paint and let dry.

Once the first coat is good and dry, coat the top of the acorn with a layer of acrylic gel medium.

Dust tops with lots of glitter to coat. Once the medium dries, gently tap the excess glitter away and then use a clean, dry brush to dust away errant sparkles. I filled mine with crinkle cut tissue and cocktail rings that look like bon bons, but candy, a favorite lip gloss or some other tiny treat would be adorable too.

To make them even more festive, I've added a little tag stamped the the recipient's initial and a pretty organdy bow.


amy said...

Cool--glitter mania! I have been in the Christmas spirit and I am itching to make some ornaments; as if I need another project!

Stef said...

Your Ornaments are Beautiful!!

Young Wife said...

These are awesome! Thanks for the inspiration.

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