Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Remembering to Relax

When I saw that this week's Etsy Blogger's theme is relaxation, I immediately knew I had to share one of my favorite poems-

idle thought

paris september
fifth nineteen
twenty three
what i like
about this place
is that it is
such a nice
place to loaf in
and loafing
is the best thing
in life
nature shows
us that
a caterpillar
just eats and
loafs and sleeps
and after a while
without any effort
it turns into
a butterfly
with nothing to do
but flit around
and be beautiful
but consider
the industrious
tumble bug
the tumble bug
toils and plants
and sweats
and worries
pushing its burden
up hill forever
like sisyphus
and pretty soon
some one
comes along
and thinks how
vulgar and ugly
the thing is
and steps on it
and squashes it
and beauty
are their own
mehitabel the cat
is still missing

by Don Marquis from Archyology: the long lost tales of archy and mehitabel.

I definitely don't want to be the tumble bug in that scenario. Its important to loaf every now and then. So, when I want to relax, there is nothing I love better than a steaming hot bath and a glass of champagne. I always feel revived afterward- something about bubbles I guess. Then it's nice to get into some clean pjs, light a candle and curl up with a great book.

How do you relax?


Simply Sarah said...

Here's to caterpillers and making beautiful butterflies from the beauty of pure enjoyment and relaxation! It's kinda like being pregnant! ;)

Jen said...

Great post! I'm a huge archy & mehitabel fan... my personal fave is the story of the moth. Thanks so much for this great post!!!

storybeader said...

that sounds great! I like a hot steaming bath, and sitting outside in the sun reading. One for summertime, one for winter.
My new relaxation is playing on the computer, or is it work?

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