Monday, October 27, 2008

Moving Time AGAIN.

Well, dear readers, we’ve had to leave the ranch. I’m not able to go into the sordid details because I don’t yet understand what happened myself. So let’s just say that there were communication problems. The neighbors warned us that the owner is “real hard to get along with.” I take some comfort in knowing we aren’t the first winter caretakers they’ve seen come and go before the snow has fallen.

Obviously, E and I are disappointed. We had planned to spend the whole winter with just the sound of the wind and the beautiful mountains and the wild blue sky. But we are nothing if not resourceful. Momma D and Daddy G generously offered us the use of their pad in Las Vegas, so we’ll be camping out here for the time being. It’s a very comfortable apartment and it will be a wonderful place from which to launch our big surprise. (The big reveal is coming, I promise!)

Momma D and Sis A did an incredible job furnishing this place (I can't believe they managed it in just a single weekend!), so we just added a few pieces of art and some plants. It feels quite cozy.

Can you stand yet another tour of our new place? As much as I despise moving, (especially when you have to cram things hodgepodge into a car at a moment’s notice) I do love nesting. Thinking about how you live and what you use most and then placing it accordingly-I find it very soothing.

My favorite furniture assembly man.

A reading nook in my new office.

I scored this McCoy pot for 99 cents at Goodwill. Hooray for thrifting!

I've strung all my ballerinas and paintings on an ordinary clothes drying rack. I'm debating whether or not to re-list the ballerinas for Christmas since they haven't been selling very well. Thoughts?

We've got a little herb garden going. I'd already begun the seeds in plastic trays on the ranch and they made the whole journey safely- untill we were about to carry them in to the new pad. I clumsily overturned them- coating everything in a lovely layer of potting soil and tossing my neatly cultivated rows into chaos. I'm going to keep watering them just to see what happens, who knows- maybe I'll invent some wild new Franken-herb.

Dining nook light strung with crepe paper fleurs.

Scored these silk and linen feather throw pillows at Goodwill.

The collage under the peephole was a gift from my dear friend Chris. Check out his recent work here.

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amy said...

Looks like you've settled in VERY well. Things happen for a reason, so don't stress about the ranch not working out.

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