Sunday, August 10, 2008

What's Madame B's Favorite Tool?

This week's Etsy Blog Carnival topic is ""Tools of the Trade". Our assignment is to "tell of your favorite tool or a tool you use in your craft."

I had to rack my brain on this one- especially since I am currently in Beijing
(hooray!) and separated from my art supplies. But then I realized that my favorite tool is right beneath my fingertips. My trusty little computer has opened up my creative life in ways I couldn't have imagined even just two years ago.

Eric was constantly pattering away on his computer, but I really only used mine to check my e-mail and type art history papers. It wasn't until my friend Jessica convinced me to set up a Myspace account that all that began to change. Soon I was uploading pictures, blogging away and generally hogging Eric's beloved computer. He tired of that right quick and bought me my own. Pretty soon we were combing the internet side by side.

My little computer opened up a whole world of art, craft and design that I had completely lost track of while busy majoring in fine art. I discovered thousands of wonderful fashion, design, art and food blogs, and behind each is an inspiring new person filled with ideas and energy which in turn energized me and got the wheels turning in my mind. It offered new outlets for my creative and artistic skills and I quickly realized there is a much bigger pond than the preposterous pseudo intellectual gallery scene that I was prepping for (and dreading) in college.

I haven't yet achieved the foothold I want in the wide world of the web, but my computer is an incredible tool that help me get there. It offers me the support and inspiration of millions of other like minded people. There is no better tool than that.

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Donna said...

I never really thought of it that way before, but I like your perspective on this!

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