Friday, August 08, 2008

Jaio Zhonguo!

We haven't had a chance to do much sightseeing yet as we've been scuttling from venue to venue picking up tickets, buying groceries, renting bikes and assessing the lay of the land before Daddy G arrives. So, today we planned a trip to the Summer Palace.

A bike is definitely the best possible way to see Beijing in the stifling summer months- there is a nice breeze as you zip along that is entirely absent while walking, and most roads have a special lane for bike traffic. Our rental bikes are also equipped with little bells which definitely come in handy when one needs to say "Look OUT!" without a panic induced lapse into one's mother tongue.

We had a very pleasant ride through the city, but were stopped short of our destination by a vast parade of joyful Chinese people. We were unable to asses what exactly was happening, but whatever it was it was blocking the entrance to the Summer Palace and we had to park our bikes and wander through the crowds on foot. There was much chanting of "Jaio Zhongua, Jaio Aouyun, Jaio Beijing!" (Go China, Go Olympics, Go Beijing!), flag waving and general merriment. Here are a few pictures I managed to snap.

Yep, I think they're excited.

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