Friday, August 08, 2008

The Beijing Haze

When we arrived in Beijing, we looked up at the sky and said "What are they talking about?" The sky was a gorgeous shade of blue, there was a nice breeze and we thought, well, all the drastic measures must have worked.

But a few days later, not so much. The Chinese government has gone to great lengths to get the Beijing skyline cleared up, and to have it looking this way on the date of the opening ceremonies must have been a terrible blow. I don't claim to understand the science of smog, but it certainly doesn't look very nice, and it is pretty hard to miss when you step outside and it looks like a seedy bar filled with a blue cloud of cigarette smoke. What I find astonishing is that it was so utterly clear only a few days ago. How could this be?

Like it or not, you will certainly be hearing more about this in the next two weeks, and not just from me.

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