Wednesday, July 23, 2008

In Bruges

On Susan's recommendation, Eric and I recently went to see In Bruges. I'm not the biggest Colin Farrel fan, so I was slightly skeptical. But this movie was a delight. It was dark and twisted, creepy and surreal, but also hysterically funny. Not an easy feat.

The story centers on two hit men, Ray (Farrel) and Ken (Brendan Gleeson), who are sent to Bruges, Belgium to hide out after a job gone horribly wrong. Bruges is the best preserved medieval town in Belgium and while Ken enjoys a chance to see the sights and enjoy the town's simple pleasures, Ray is haunted by the accidental slaying of a young child.

Exasperated by being holed up in a tiny bed and breakfast with his dull colleague, Ray heads out for a pint and wanders onto the set of a movie where he meets the gorgeous Chloe (Clemence Posey).

This is when things begin to get really interesting. Ralph Fiennes makes another memorable performance as a creepy sociopath. Add a midget, some horse tranquilizers, a wimpy skinhead and a very bloody scene atop a bell tower and you have a film that bobs when you think it will weave and leaves you with a whole new understanding of "honor among thieves". I heartily recommend it for anyone in the market for something dark, funny and unexpected.

PS) It made me reconsider my dislike for Colin Farrel too- I enjoy seeing him play a neurotic screw up a lot more than a swaggering beefcake. It's far more believable.

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