Friday, April 18, 2008

My little Green Space

Our "balcony" (only accessible by a treacherous climb through a window)was looking a little grim. The Shenzhen sun is relentless and withering, and the fact that flowers can be coaxed into blooming at all in the endless dust and pollution floating in this city is a testament to the tenacity of life. Ying and I decided to remedy the situation.

A visit to the local flower market proved fruitful and we rode back to our swanky apartment complex peasant style in the back of the wooden bike cart. (You should have seen the stares we chic city girls got. And the gales of laughter which met my request for this photo. Such fun!)

And the results were pretty sweet. This shot includes my house plants, herbs and a flourishing bonsai tree. I hope the outside gents are hearty little fellows, since I can only water them by leaning way way out the window with my arms extended. Good luck little plants!

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