Monday, February 04, 2008

Your So Money (and you don't even know it)

So this scene from Swingers is one of my all time favorites. You've gotta see how the guys in this movie dress like rat packers, play video games like fifteen year old boys and love each other like brothers. It still kills me.

I stole the catchphrase from the aforementioned scene for my latest mixed CD (which is going out to a lucky four when we get back to the U.S). If you aren't in the lucky four, I've included the track list below. Its quite the eclectic mix, but I think the theme helps it all gel together.

The background is a vintage 70's postcard from a bar in Wyoming. The big tourist attraction are the ten thousand silver coins bedecking the walls. Whoo hoo! I wonder if its still around?

This one is my personal favorite. It reminds me of the little goddesses we saw on the shrines in Thailand.

I made the figures with a foil candy wrapper, some sequins and scraps of golden doilies.

The glassine envelope looks way cooler with the finished product inside. Another funny note: The inspiration for this mix came during Greg's last visit when we all visited Macau's Wynn Casino and watched awestruck as a giant fountain "performed" a dramatic water show synchronized perfectly with the song "Money" from Cabaret (which I've obviously included here.) Chinese people are not ashamed of their love affair with money. During one of my English lessons with the Engineers, we were speaking about the American Dream. I explained about the house, car, white picket fence, 2.5 children and golden retriever. Then I asked them about the Chinese Dream. "Oh," said one, "That's easy. We just want Money." Here's the track list:

1) Material Girl- Madonna
2)She's Expensive-Dee
3)Brand New Cadillac-The Clash
4)Mercedes Benz-Janice Joplin
5)My Heart Belongs to Daddy- Ella Fitzgerald
6)Money(That's what I want)- The Kingsmen
7)Money(Burns a hole in my pocket)-Dean Martin
8)Diamonds and Gold-Tom Waits
9)Golden Earrings-Peggy Lee
10)I dug up a Diamond-Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris
11) Diamonds are a girl's best friend- Marilyn Monroe
12)The Money Maker-Rilo Kiley
13)This Diamond Ring-Gary Lewis
14)C'est Ci Bon- Eartha Kitt
15) Uptown Girl-Billy Joel
16) Money-The cast of Cabaret


Anonymous said...

Amazing work! You seem to find inspiration everywhere and in turn, inspire the everything surrounding you. Sounds like it is going to be a great mix! I was just listening to 'This CD is Red' earlier today. Luv luv

tangata said...

Love those cd covers!!

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