Friday, February 01, 2008

Baby, its cold (and rainy) outside.

In response to this unexpected cold spell, I've just bought this fantastic black cashmere coat (with a green silk lining!) I like the massive collar and huge buttons, though it isn't as warm as I'd hoped. Our friend Rachel was sporting these cool mahogany colored leather street boots and I begged her to help me find a pair. It is notoriously difficult for me to find fashionable knee boots as I seem to have giant calves and tiny feet, but these have buckles at the back a cool edgy vibe that I'm moving towards more and more, at least in the wardrobe department.

As my Mandarin improves I'm feeling more comfortable shopping on my own and bargaining in a second language. And I'm discovering many better places to shop than Louwu. This little book has been a lot of fun to have handy, especially because it is small enough to carry in my handbag. She had some great suggestions on where to have pearl necklaces strung while you wait, so I think that might be my next adventure. Wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

Hooray for hot boots and big buttons. I have also been trying to find the perfect pair of knee high 'hot boots', my hang up being the heel issue, I simply cannot do heels, and all flat boots seem to be too frumpy or just too expensive. Anyway, congratualtions dahling, you are looking fabulous and seem to be doing great! I do so eagerly await when I get to see you again. I applied to nursing school this week and will spend the next six months wondering whether or not I will get in. Ah the waiting game! Much love to you my dear.

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