Thursday, January 24, 2008

Is this a Haircut Blog?

A great many other reviewers have already commented on the crazy slang which added so much unexpected wit to the film Juno. But some of it also left me a bit puzzled. A brief perusal of helped to enlighten (and amuse), but it also yielded the following definition.

"Haircut Blog: A weblog that is filled with descriptions of mundane activities such as getting a haircut.
Example: "Don't bother reading that; it's just a haircut blog.""

First reaction? Ha! I definitely know a haircut blog when I see one! Boy are those ter-RI-b-le! Second Reaction? Gulp. I have to admit this hits close to the heart since I have in the not so distant past blogged about a haircut. But, my haircut blog was about getting a haircut in China. That adds a whole new dimension to the matter right? Its less mundane on the other side of the earth, right? You've got to build up your ego if you are going to try to create something in this world, right? Then came the buffets of reality to my little wall of justifications.

Upon asking E what he thought of a recent post, I received the following absentmindedly delivered phrase; "Very funny honey." Which, of course, is his way of placating me so that he can continue his barely muffled guffawing at the comedic genius of The Sports Guy, (especially good if you are into sports, particularly Boston sports, though I think he really hits his stride during the "mailbag")Shenzhen Zen (now lying dormant, but still a wonderfully funny tour through this city we find ourselves in)and Royal Jelly (which is consistently full of laugh out loud material pertaining to the life of an American ex-pat in London).

Feeling defeated I crawled back to my office to write my review of Juno. And in my research for that post I read a little more about the screen writer of that film; Diablo Cody.

I discovered that this explosion of a screen writing starlet began her career just a few short years ago with a blog about working in a Minneapolis Strip Club. And now she's working with Steven Spielberg. Sure, success like hers is the rarest of rare, still bloody on the plate rare, so rare it will probably never be duplicated. But it is inspiring nonetheless. So even if my little blog is a "very funny honey" haircut blog, I'm sticking to it.


Brent A. Nelson, Esq. said... need to let Eric know that the Sports Guy is terrible now. Terrible. Since I've stopped reading him, my life has gotten infinitely better. And I assume his life has gotten worse...

Cindy Wills said...

Glad to hear you are sticking to it.

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