Friday, January 25, 2008

Beardy Guys by Ashley G

If you read lots of design blogs you probably already know all about Ashley G. But I wanted to show you this print that I gave Eric for Christmas because I think the framing turned out perfectly (no small achievement when trying to match paper, mat and frame colors and discuss issues of proportion in a second language with people whose cultural aesthetic involves lots of jade, gold gilding and the theory that more and bigger are always always always better.I paid dearly for this piece in effort if not cash.)

I think of this little piece of art as an ode to Eric's "year beard" which has lasted decidedly longer than a year and (thankfully) isn't quite the size of this little fellow's. The print made it all the way from Ashley's studio in St. Louis, around the world and into my mailbox safely and is now happily installed in the bathroom in which Eric tends to aforementioned beard. They are quite a happy pair in there.

1 comment:

Ashley said...

Oh thank you so much!! I LOVE the framing!! You did an awesome job selecting the matte and frame. And no, I can not imagine doing that in a second language :)

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