Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Fabulous Birthday Loot

1)Mother of Pearl and blond tortoise Shell Michael Kors Watch from my Mommy (it gives me a little thrill every time I check the time...)

2)Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life from my "other" mom and dad. This gigantic book weighed ten pounds, but I still managed to make room for it in my suitcase. I'm so glad I did. The images are just amazing and the interview Todd Oldham did with Mr. Harper is an absolute treasure. He was a really down to earth aw-shucks kinda guy, but he had lots of interesting things to say about his art and what it meant to him to make it over the years and being successful in the commercial art world. I am spending time looking at this book every day.

3)Amaryllis Plant from my Gram (look at it go!I'll be sure to post pics of the lovely bloom that is on it's way...)

4)Jesse Steele Apron from my Hubby (remember that scene in Father of the Bride where the groom gives the bride a blender and she freaks out, sobbing "What is this, 1952 where you give the little wife a blender???" This was not like that, I really wanted this adorable apron...)

5)Mac n Cheese from my gal Katie (Can't find it in China to save your life...and good comfort food wards off homesickness like nothing else.)

Thanks everyone for all the fabulous treats. You made me feel like a Queen on my Birthday!

1 comment:

Beth said...

Love the apron! Because it was just too fun, I own this one:

Happy Birthday, Miss B!

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