Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Creatures for sale at subway stations (for dinner tonight!) As observed in Shenzhen

1)Two Snakes, writhing wildly in an orange mesh fruit bag tied shut with electrical wires. These were waved in my face with much enthusiasm.
2) Four turtles, covered in mud and turned upside down in a most undignified manner,waving their little legs very slowly in what appeared to be a direct correlation to the hopelessness of their situation. (I hear these are most often used for soup.)
3) A pyramid of about thirty fluffy white baby bunny rabbits, each in their own purple cage. I like to imagine these were intended for pets, but one never can 'tell round here.
4) Fifteen grubby hens, indignantly crammed into one too small cage, noisily sqwaking their protestations, little feathers poufing out the sides of the chicken wire.
5) A full grown alligator, mouth firmly bound with duck tape and a bungee cord, held captive in a ramshackle cage a shade too small, his tail protruding from the rear. I believe these are usually roasted on a spit.

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