Thursday, October 11, 2007

Grady McFerrin Illustrations

As I've been rooting around through the detritus of our life in Chicago, I came across these great little accordion note cards by artist Grady McFerrin. Ever since Eric took his mom's old accordion hostage to take classes at the Old Town School of Folk Music, we've sort of developed a hopeless affection for these unwieldy, loud, obnoxious, mysterious, cheerful, soulful, wonderful, think dick van dyke as one man band in the park at the begining of mary poppins type instruments.

Anyway, I just checked out Grady's website and it is full of odes to the good life. He designs wine bottle labels, and posters for cool bands like The Decemberists, Wilco, Bright Eyes and Modest Mouse.

His prints all share this cool sort of middle ages woodcut homage to things handmade in an age where nothing really is. What could be more postmodern than that? And his music posters are $30 or under, so he has egalitarianism going for him too. And the accordion is nothing if not an instrument of the people, am I right?

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