Thursday, October 11, 2007

Christine Rosholt Makes Me Happy

We fell in love with Christine Rosholt while searching for a cool gypsy swing jazzy kinda band to played at our wedding last fall. And boy, did she and her band ever fit the bill. They struck the perfect mood (playful, celebratory, and completely without cheese) with their Jazz standards and our guests danced the night away and sang her praises. They even learned "You Send Me", our favorite Sam Cooke song for our first dance.

While we are here in Minneapolis, we've got big plans to go see her again at the Varsity Theatre (where we were married! Thanks for the correction Christine!) on the 15th and at Cafe Havana on the 25th. She's just a wonderful lady with a pretty voice and she always has the most fabulous hats! She plays with a lot of different musicians, we once saw her singing with a vibraphone! (That is the sparkliest sounding instrument I've ever laid ears on...) If you are in the Minneapolis area, make sure to check her out.

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Christine Rosholt said...

You made my day Miss B. Thanks for your nice comments. My gig at the Dakota has been moved to Wednesday, November 14, 2007. On Monday the 15th of October we will be at the Varsity, where you got married!!

I hope to see you and your sweet husband there.

christine rosholt
p.o. box 580588
minneapolis, mn 55458

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