Saturday, October 06, 2007

Closet Cleaning

This visit to Minnesota has been an occasion for unloading things. We got rid of a lot before we left Chicago, got married and flew off to Africa, but I kept a lot too. Two Jeep loads to be exact. And when we got back from Africa, I wasn't exactly ready to get rid of more. I was so sick of the same six items of clothing that my closet full of quirky tee shirts and the vast collection of shoes brought tears to my eyes.

But after a few months in China, where there is no shortage of stuff stuff stuff, I'm feeling a little more prepared. I took 12 shopping bags full of clothes and who knows what to Value Village on Friday. My mother is feeling quite happy to have her guest bedroom vacated, I'm sure. Now that I've emptied her house, I'm going to tackle the storage unit. Who knows what I can jettison with this new "I can probably find it cheaper in China anyway" mindset.

In all my ransacking I found some goodies to bring back to china as well, including a pretty black velvet cocktail dress I had forgotten all about. I had spotted this great black velvet dress with a yellow sash in Anthropologie the other day, so in a fit of inspiration I ran over to the fabric store, bought some yellow shantung silk and paid a visit to my grandma who helped me cut it on the bias to make a fantastic bow. I wore it to our friends' wedding last night, and I think it looked pretty sharp.(As did Eric in his grey pinstripe suit, pale blue shirt and yellow tie)Here's to unearthing treasures in a fit of closet cleaning.

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