Monday, October 08, 2007

The Beautiful Work of Steven Rydberg

Steven Rydberg is a Minneapolis based artist who does beautiful and refined art work for the Children's Theatre Company, the Loring Pasta Bar, and United Airlines. I grew up with his work because my mom has been collecting his posters and prints since she was in high school. I distinctly remember the Pan Pipe print hanging in our nursery right over the beat up old pink lazy boy rocker where we read our bedtime stories.

My mom and I both still love these images now, (not always true about images you've had around you for 25 years!). So, the other day we googled him and came upon his beautiful site. Many of the posters are available for sale and it was so fun to discover that all of his images are just as lush, still and elegant as the ones hanging above my bed as a kid. And I love that he's done posters for the Loring, where we held our wedding. Maybe someday I'll commission a painting for our anniversary. I've just ordered some more posters to round out our collection, and I have no doubt I'll have them on the nursery wall for my kids someday too.

1 comment:

Steven said...

thanks for the nice nod, kiddo.
i like the fact that you remember visuals from when you were a child.
also, it's a nice writing style you have!
best to you and your mother,


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