Thursday, September 06, 2007

His Chair, Her Chair

My dear husband is out at Hua Xiang Bei, the massive electronics market here in Shenzhen. It is filled to overflowing with all sorts of i-pod look a likes, speakers, video game systems, computers, routers, cameras, neck massagers, electric floor polishers and remote controlled miniature helicopters. Sounds like guy fantasy land, huh? We've taken to calling these massive shopping malls "panic attacks" for obvious reasons. You get to overload pretty quickly.

I would have accompanied him out of sheer curiosity, but unfortunately, my English lesson interfered. (I have three new students!) As of 9pm, he's still gone and I am spending a very rare night alone. I don' envy him the trip, though. He had quite a long list of items to pick up, including a wireless router, a camera, speakers and a skype headset. That is a lot of negotiating (never my favorite activity) but at least its good Mandarin practice.

I just finished a lovely dinner of cherries with a side of scrambled eggs and ketchup. It was just right somehow, really hit the spot. What is it about breakfast at night that sometimes turns a whole upside down day right?

I've recently quit reading Perez Hilton cold turkey (it was giving me soul stink, and bad dreams about drunken celebrities barging into my house with a trail of wild and violent paparazzi) and so instead I spent my Eric-less night perusing some lovely design and craft blogs. It is so great to go out there into cyberspace and remind myself that there are millions of people quietly making art a part of their lives every day. It helps when I'm in a funk over the hows and whys of building the life I want. (And so much better for my brain than knowing what Avril Lavigne bought at Kidson this weekend!)

These charming linoleum prints are by artist Yu-Hsuan Sherry Lin. Check out her Etsy shop. I am imagining them framed side by side in our living room some day, like a modern take on "His and Hers". Can you guess who is who?

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