Friday, August 10, 2007

Even More Adventures in English: Take the seat tourist coach need to know

Initially, I thought perhaps it would be better if I just took the highlights for you, but as I was transcribing these from my pictures, I felt that they were much better in their entirety. I find it amazing that the quantity of misspelled words is so low, and yet the meanings are so perfectly obscured. I’d like to point out that my computer grammar checker finds very little wrong with these sentences. Not sure if that means the grammar checker is unreliable or if the grammar here isn’t as terrible as it would appear… Either way, I know you’ll get a kick out of these. I do appreciate the effort on these. It really is quite thoughtful of them, as I know very few American signs have Chinese printed on them unless you are at an Airport or in Chinatown.

Sign in the elevator of our office building

Lifts directions

1)Top and bottom elevator touch button
2) Elevator inside, no smoking.
3) Occurrence fire alarm, absolutely no embark.
4) The child embarks, the person take.
5) Run into the accident, and please press to report to the police the bell.
6) Dangerous good, please not to take into.
7) Overload the bell, juniors to withdraw.
8) Supervise and control the facilities and please not to cover up.
9) Keep clean, not to vomit, not to rhrow.

Sign at national park entrance

Take the seat tourist coach need to know

Everybody visitor, you are good! Welcome and thank you to come tour sightseeing on Guang Xi Province hill

1 a needs muliplys visitor of browsing car following the work personnel place first and receiving the name of a shop, and a name of a shop corps is got in according to the sequence in order to avoid everybody hard to form a line.
(2) take advantage of seat + yuan of RMB browsing everyone one way of car.
(3)Browsing car arrival destination is reservoir bridges of six and visitor can select after getting off the bus and “forest path” or the “circuit of a hundred chards” goes to it is 10 minutes simple to sit in the car to.
(4) Browsing 3 kilometers of the strike in the car, and line LuYue is 45 minutes. Paying attention to the child having a good prospect of safety by the car, high and low takes care to meet by the car, the good intimate thing of belt Being.

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