Wednesday, August 08, 2007

5 Things Inspiring me Lately

I'm into these five point lists lately, they are so simple to post and give a feel for what we're up to. In no particular order;

1) As I head down into the subway tunnel on my way to work, I am greeted by the fruit vendors who have biked at ungodly hours in the early morning from the countryside with baskets brimming with fruit strapped to their rusty bikes. I love how they line the baskets with leaves to make a pretty display. Just look at those peaches!

2) Listening to "Graceland" by Paul Simon. I'm still not tired of it, I wonder if I ever will be.

3) Checking "The Sartorialist" religiously every morning. My mom sent me the link and I love it. A little pretentious sometimes, but let's be honest, so am I. I just love the man on the street aspect of his photographs. They are refreshingly un-staged and show how real people are dressing up (and down) right now. It will change how you look at folks on the street, that much is certain!

4) Lisianthus. I had a dream about these little blossoms coming to life and dancing all around the floor in their lovely ballroom skirts, so, of course, I had to go and buy some. This giant arm full only set me back about $3 U.S dollars. There is a flower market two blocks from our apartment, so I get out my trusty umbrella and treck over in the blistering heat about once a week.

5) The make your own Jelly Belly mix machine at the fancy grocery store at Mix C. I chose buttered popcorn (to Eric's disgust), juicy pear, juicy peach, toasted marsh mellow and jalepeno. I like to sit in my office writing mandarin labels for odd things in our apartment and suck on 'em one at a time.

What's inspiring you guys lately?

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