Friday, August 31, 2007

5 Recent Google Searches

1) Chinese Medicine Cupping- After this was suggested as a course of treatment during my recent visit to the spa, I decided further investigation was required. Turns out it leaves giant blood blisters on your back but has been used in traditional folk medicine from Turkey to Korea. (Its is intended to relieve fire in the stomach, whatever that means.)
2) Hong Kong Post Office-Hopefully this last batch of letters will reach my friends and family soon.
3) Mo Willems-See my previous post about this wonderful fellow.
4) Baking Soda Substitute-They've got baking powder but no baking soda round here...a little lemon juice and baking powder will do in a pinch.
5) Deluth Bed and Breakfast-We've got big plans for our one year anniversary...that's right...DELUTH! Romance capital of the Midwest! The leaves will be gorgeous, I'm sure.

God Bless the folks at Google. I wonder what we ever did before?

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