Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Inestimable Steve Comes Through again!

Gossip blogs have resident psychologists and body language experts to keep things interesting. Well, the Fabulous Miss B has her own resident horticultural and botanical expert, the inestimable Steve Raines. Whenever Eric and I come upon some strange new plant in our travels we send a little e-mail to Steve to see if he has ever encountered it before. Here is his reply to our latest query regarding the fuschia spiny fruit mentioned above.

"I think I had that one when I was in Australia. They called it dragon fruit and I think it was from a cactus of some kind. A Wikipedia search yields some other names: pitaya, also known as pitahaya, dragon fruit, huloang gu, strawberry pear, nanettikafruit, or thanh long. I had one that was deep red inside. I think there is also a yellow skinned one. It was pretty mild, so I think Mal the fruit taster guy at Tropical Fruit World told us to sprinkle some lime juice on it to enhance the flavor."

Thanks Steve! And let us know where "Tropical Fruit World" is. We'd love to make a pilgrimage.

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