Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Madame B's Five most recent purchases...all under ten bucks.

I found "The Fire Cat" at a swap meet in Cave Creek. Lots of junk, but I found this little treasure nestled in a pile of dusty Gremlin books. I remember reading this book as a kid. I love the quirky story and awkward illustrations. I also love that it was only two bucks and in perfect condition!

Lemon curd from Trader Joe's... not as good as my mom's from scratch, but this is pretty darn close. Since it is a seasonal item, I usually buy at least two jars when I see it. It is the perfect summer treat.

I fell in love with these cool graphic stamps at the post office. I still have some two centers to use up and these will make all my letters a little sweeter.

Handmade bag by mixtape on Etsy. I love the size...I can fit my keys, cell phone, camera, sunglasses, credit card, and lip gloss and still wrap it around my wrist. And surprisingly, it seems to go with everything I've been wearing lately. Must be those bright summer colors.

Don't know how often I'll get to wear these since they are precariously high, but they were only 7 bucks at Target and they make me feel sooo tall and pretty darn sexy too.

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