Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Year Beer + Year Beard=Great Success!

Just before leaving Minnesota, Eric and I bottled his "year beer". He chose this brew for its long fermentation and it has been doing it's thing in the Nelson basement while we've been gone. Now that it is bottled, we have a few more weeks to wait while it carbonates, but we are eager for the big moment when we can crack them open.

I think it would be fitting if we could open 'em up the day he finishes editing this monster of a film. It would have a nice sense of occasion to open a beer that was born and completed at the same moments that this project was begun and finished. The silly labels pay homage to his "year beard" and Kazana is our newly adopted last name, in case you haven't heard. It is swahili and means "to struggle for truth" or "to believe strongly". We like it cause it goes well with both our names and will always remind us of what we are shooting for on this planet. Cheers!

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