Saturday, April 14, 2007

Homesick Blues

We are in Chicago after a little stopover in Madison to see our brothers, visit our cat and rescue my banjo. It feels so bittersweet, because this is our real hometown but we aren't really home at all. We drove by our little coach house and it looked so familiar, but we couldn't go in. And every home we've stayed in in the last three weeks has had our old stuff scattered around (because we sold/gave it all away) so it sort of feels like it could be our house, except that it isn't at all. So, I'm feeling very odd, like my old life is still here, but I don't fit in it anymore and I don't know where I will fit next.

I opened a book a couple of days ago and after reading the first chapter, I turned to Eric and said "This book is going to change my life." It is called "The Accidental Masterpiece" and its about how the lessons learned from looking at art can help us live better lives. And so I'm pinning my hopes on it . I'm imagining it can remind me of why I fell in love with art so long ago and what has been stopping me from making it. I'm on chapter two...I'm gonna keep hoping.

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