Tuesday, April 10, 2007

We've stayed in 23 hotels in the last 24 weeks. That's a lot of tiny shampoo bottles.

We’re back in Minnesota. As close to home as we’re getting for now. It is 30 degrees out, but it feels so good to be back in a familiar place again with our friends and family on streets we know without the help of a map or GPS system. Eric is decompressing from weeks and weeks of logistical architecture. Yesterday I found him asleep next to Lola (my mom’s little pseudo Siamese cat.)

I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to finally be reunited with my closet and baubles and art and Africa purchases (and with my ring...I really did miss it. I guess I’m a horrible smug married now. Sorry Bridget.) I’ve been doing lots of costume changes and going through everything with a fine tooth comb trying to decide what can come to Chicago, Arizona, New Mexico and finally China. I may need some extra pieces of luggage. I don’t think I’ll revisit the storage unit just yet. I’m overwhelmed by all the options I have already and I’m sure I’ll still want to get rid of even more. Toting what we did bring around the world was trouble enough. I need to have more information about what China will entail before I can decide what to bring along. Packing for three months is quite a different matter than packing for a year.

Today we enjoyed a lovely Easter brunch with my Anderson Family and we all traded travel adventure stories. I think my love of travel is firmly rooted in my family. Collectively, we’ve really traversed the globe. Funny how we All the girls wore their pretty corsages. I had called my favorite Minneapolis florist and was surprised to learn that two corsages for my mom and I would cost almost sixty dollars. I realized that I could make one for all five female members of the family for that price, and so I did. I used hypericum berry, lisianthus and spray roses. They turned out quite beautifully and looked smashing on everyone’s Easter frock.

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