Sunday, April 29, 2007

On Wedding Albums and making the most of Creativity

I’ve been looking through all of our pictures again with an eye towards the albums I’m working on. (There have been a lot of events in our life this last year or so!) The first one I’m tackling is our wedding photos. No small task with almost 1500 to choose from. I’m remembering what a wonderful evening it was and how beautiful everything ended up and it is making me really happy. There were so many fantastic moments squeezed into that one day. I am working on making an album for us to keep and I edited it down to the 50 best prints of the whole night and am feeling really pleased with it. I’m going to have 8x10s printed and just make it really lush and romantic and sensual, no posed pictures, just Maggie’s gorgeous impressions of it all. They look like magazine proofs or something. I can’t wait to put them into the album I made.

I’m still thinking a great deal about art making and creativity and how to keep myself thinking and productive in the absence of a set schedule or a 9 to 5 job. There is this great magical feeling I get out west that is so beautiful, really quiet and still and emptied out (maybe from all the sun, it just seems to dry up all these murky musty places in my heart). But this feeling it isn’t as simple as happiness, it is more like awe or humility, just a deep pervasive quiet where your self isn’t really the issue anymore and this is the place I want to try to dwell in. It is so easy to fill up your life with distractions and even when you have the time emptied out (as I do.) it is so easy to get online and look at blogs or reorganize my closet or load the dishwasher. What I am saying is that this place that I am trying to stay in requires more than just time. It takes a lot of quiet and stillness and discipline and also, for me anyway, being in one place for long enough to let all of the ideas percolate.

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